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A F1 In Schools is a global educational program created by Formula 1, that provides a STEAM experience for young people between 12 and 19 years old.

The goal of the project is to form a Formula 1 team, that works as a real company, so each member is responsible for a segment. The areas present in the competition are: management, engineering, finance management, graphic design, marketing and social media.

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The competitions are divided into three stages: the state stage, the national and the World Finals, which is the international stage. The champions of each stage guarantee a classification for the next stage.

The teams work on various projects, and among them is the production of cars, which starts by designing different body shapes, aeroflares and cars in general, using Autodesk Fusion 360.

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After the body shape is designed, the team starts the manufacturing process of the car! The first step is to order a block of polyurethane expanded by Formula 1, which is cut and machined in a CNC machine and turns into the body of the car. The aeroflares are made in a 3D printer, other parts such as the rollers and the screws, are purchased. After all the parts are ready, the car is painted and assembled and is ready to go to the tracks!

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In racing, the car is fired through a CO2 capsule, attached to the car and it runs on a straight track of 20 meters, reaching up to 80 km/h. In addition to the cars time, there is also the teams drivers reaction time. Just like in Formula 1, the five lights go on and off at a random time and the driver who has the fastest reaction fires the car the fastest. How about training your reaction time just like pilots do in races?!



Another point evaluated during the competition is the teams booth where we expose information such as the history of our team and our sponsors. In addition, it is also necessary to create the portfolios, which are a summary of what the team has done in each area during the season.

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