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During the 2022 season, the team developed a new sustainable project. In this project, together with the school community, we collect paper for recycling. All collected material was sent to the APARAS center in Vila Velha. So far, we have already recycled about 3 tons of paper, more than 360,000 sheets, which is equivalent to approximately 20 spared trees. In 2023, we continued collecting paper for recycling.

To develop this project, the team was based on the 5Rs (rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle), which are a policy that aims to reduce the generation of waste on our planet.

Os 5 Rs

We are a team with a carbon footprint of zero. With the support of ECO 55, a startup from Espírito Santo focused on building a low carbon economy, we built an inventory of our carbon footprint. Through this report, we estimate that our activity in the F1 In Schools, added the equivalent of more than 18 tons of carbon to nature.

equipe mostrando sustentabilidade


Thinking about "paying" this debt, in partnership with ArcelorMittal Tubarão, we participated in the project awarded by the Ministry of Regional Development of Brazil, the Project "Nascentes". The objective was to eliminate our carbon footprint by planting 130 trees that will protect the areas of the sources of the main water source in our state, the Santa Maria river basin and will capture more than 18 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

Projeto Nascentes