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Social projects are works developed without profit that aim at the social, economic and cultural development of a community or social group. In the team, we developed a social project, which aims to give the team a broader view on social responsibility and entrepreneurship, in addition to being an area evaluated in the tournament. We carry out monthly actions for several institutions: Asilo de Idosos de Vitória, Instituto Luiz Braille, Paróquia São Francisco de Assis and EMEF – Álvaro de Castro Mattos. All these actions impact the lives of several people, transforming all the people involved. In addition, they make this cause better known and give visibility to the institutions helped.

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Nursing Home

More than 80 years ago, on June 3, 1940, the Society for Assistance to the Helpless Old Age was created in Vitória (ES). To make more people aware of making donations, they have a website, with their main information and an instagram account, where they are constantly posting the demands of that particular month.

The project we developed to help the Asylum, collecting donations of personal hygiene products and other demands, has been in operation for about 2 years. And we continue to promote campaigns to collect more products, whether at events that take place at school or in the school environment itself.

equipe em Nursing Home

Luiz Braille Institute

The Instituto Jundiaiense Profissional para Cegos “Luiz Braille” was founded on December 20, 1941 with the aim of housing and professionalizing the blind.

They have a charity bazaar that offers second-hand products in good condition at very affordable prices, a rehabilitation center for the visually impaired and a transparency portal where income and expenses, Human Resources list, positions and salaries and details about the services performed at the entity.

Our project was made to help them collect clothes and shoes in good condition for their charity bazaar. For this, we ask that everyone in our school can donate so that we have a larger amount to be delivered to the institute, we leave a box at our school for these donations, we send an email to parents notifying them, we go from room to room notifying students about, and we also collect at events we attend.

equipe em Luiz Braille Institute

Paróquia São Franciso de Assis

Before becoming a parish, it was linked to the parish of Cristo Redentor de Goiabeiras. In 1982, the City Hall of Vitória donated the land of Praça Aníbal Anthero Martins, which is located close to our school, with the initiative of the group of Catholics who met in Bible Circles at Escola Álvaro de Castro Mattos, where Fr. Adwalter Antônio Carnielli celebrated Holy Mass.

The community then began the construction of its long-awaited church. On February 26, 1983, the quasi Parish was instituted, with several teams developing to serve, blossoming the pastoral mission of the church with Catechesis, Family Pastoral, Youth, Legion of Mary, Liturgy, Finance and Prayer Team. At dawn on February 22, 1992, the São Francisco de Assis Parish was established in Jardim da Penha.

In our project, we collect food donations that make up a basic basket and we deliver this material to the Parish. To collect this material, we carry out campaigns both in the school environment and outside it, during an event promoted by the team, for example. We collected more than 100kg of food in the first month alone.

equipe em Paróquia São Franciso de Assis

EMEF - Álvaro de Castro Mattos

Robotics is becoming increasingly important, especially in the age of technology. However, few schools have access to this teaching. Bearing this in mind, we conducted robotics workshops with students who never had the opportunity to learn about the subject.

We invited a class from the Álvaro de Castro Mattos school, a public school located in the Jardim da Penha neighborhood, next to our unit, to hold a robotics workshop in our training room.

It was a fun and special moment for everyone. We were in contact with several different children who worked towards achieving their goals. This experience will undoubtedly be remembered by them and by us.

equipe em EMEF - Álvaro de Castro Mattos

Elas Pocam

Elas Pocam is a project that aims to bring more visibility and exalt all women who fight every day for gender equality, exposing all the strength and determination present in all of them.

For this reason, every month, we post a week on the teams main social media, in which we do interviews, tell their stories, bring curiosities, inspiring phrases and many other contents valuing all these women.

equipe em Elas Pocam
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